Less Trash, More Bricks

The objective of the Company is to recycle about 70% of plastics waste generated daily by the country into useful and durable products. Although the focus of the company is to recycle plastic bags, easy to be collected in the territory where they are  abandoned, TEABOG LTDencourages people to collect any   form of plastic waste to create the asphalt-like material. In  addition to build new road networks with plastic, the company also manufactures durable roof tiles made from the same waste. They also offer technical support to other businesses in order to strengthen their recycling activities.
The Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology will surely support the work of the  TEABOG LTD Company in manufacturing products in Nigeria, which uses plastic waste to produce pavement blocks and other building materials. We at TEABOG LTDstrongly believes that it is high time that the Ministry launches a National Plastic Waste Management Policy to deal with the current nation-wide challenge of disposing these non-bio degradable products.

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