Corporate Objectives

In response to economic development since its inception, the board of director of TEABOG INVESTMENT LIMITED adopted in 2012, a number of objectives to position the company firmly in the eco manufacturing sector and engineering services

The objectives are:

  • Provide services that consistently meet the present and future needs of humanity and our clients, thereby gaining trust and support.
  • Upgrade of quality, professionalism, productivity and the standard of living of people
  • Eliminate barriers to creativity so we focused In collective genius in achieving our goals and provide unique materials and services
  • Sustain an adaptive and responsive corporate culture
  • Create an environment for quality management by developing and empowering various that are communicated to our employee’s and our clients so we can provide services that can carefully meet requirement of our clients.


Quality at the most cost-effective price is the supreme core value of TEABOG LTD. It shall be manifested in the excellent result of our individual and cooperative work. It shall be our way of life.


To be the premier partner of choice in Construction by providing the most cost-effective, efficient and reliable service.

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